7 ideas to Prepare and Write the IELTS Essays

7 ideas to Prepare and Write the IELTS Essays


Tests applicants on the capacity to compose two types of essays into the writing area of the test. The section that is writing divided in to two components and both the components will have to be finished in 60 mins. Into the very first part called WRITING TASK 1 the candidate is offered an activity predicated on some information presented in a visual and diagrammatic kind and it is likely to compose a written report of no more than 150 terms in the information supplied. Into the part that is second called WRITING TASK 2, prospects are evaluated to their power to create an obvious and rational argument for a provided subject in a nicely written essay of no more than 250 words.


Also offers 2 components to your writing area however the tasks differ from the scholastic module. The GENERAL TRAINING WRITING TASK 1 calls for applicants to publish a page according to a scenario described within the task. WRITING TASK 2 is definitely an essay predicated on a offered subject. The phrase count matches it really is for the educational writing tasks 1 and 2.

The assessment criteria for marking both the ACADEMIC plus the GENERAL are more often than not the exact same. IELTS examiners could be largely thinking about the information, Organization, Vocabulary and Grammar-the four primary aspects of evaluation.

Listed below are 7 points to bear in mind while attempting the writing tasks regarding the ACADEMIC and GENERAL TRAINING modules

  1. To get ready for the ACADEMIC WRITING TASK 2 you’ll want to evaluate and brainstorm various essay topics to make sure you have actually a variety of tips on IELTS –type concerns. You might procure the essay concern types from the web. Reading up sample essays would additionally assist in building a good pool of examples that may be used when needed.
  2. After brainstorming for some ideas, you will have to prepare the writing for the essay. Constantly good to start out by launching the subject and developing your point of look at the topic. The introductory paragraph can additionally support the examples you want to make use of when you look at the other countries in the essay. The following paragraphs will include an elaboration associated with examples mentioned in the basic paragraph, whilst the concluding paragraph will connect the examples back again to the key standpoint.
  3. To spruce, up the essay, it really is good to utilize an argumentative form of writing. In order to create argumentatively it’s important to utilize specific terms and phrases such as for example, While/ although; even though, maybe it’s argued etc.
  4. The ACADEMIC TASK 1 is all about understanding pictures information. a great tip would be to operate on cake maps or club diagrams or tables of data presented in magazines or company articles. Instead, you can easily draw a pie chart to demonstrate just just what portion of the time you may spend regarding the following tasks in a week that is average watching television, working, learning, sleeping, creating an online business, doing sport, doing alternative activities. The step that is next be to publish a summary of the knowledge you have got supplied into the chart. Simple, is not it?
  5. The WRITING TASK 1of the typical TRAINING module requires that the prospect compose an official or casual page based regarding the intent behind the page. The directions within the task will explain a predicament and exactly tell you whom to publish to. It is help in writing an essay accompanied by 3 points that are bulleted allow you to arrange the information of one’s letter. The secret is always to stay glued to the points that are bulleted the full time. In the event that points that are bulleted maybe perhaps maybe not handled either straight or remotely, you’ll not secure significantly more than Band 4 for content.
  6. Page writing is definitely formal, even yet in casual letters. The tone needs to be courteous and also the language should logically be grammatically and complete. Slang and senseless rhetoric should be prevented.
  7. Stick to the term count. Brief responses lose marks, but there are not any additional markings for long responses. Do count your terms to ensure that you have actually written enough.

Stick to the recommendations presented above and aspire to see your band rating improve.